Samhain or Hallows Eve

In Ireland Samhain or Hallows Eve is a holiday but it isn’t anything like Halloween here in the states.  I mean yes we give gifts or treats or even tricks but Halloween isn’t based on the longest night even though we know it is a long night.  It is a holiday that the spirits play around and can actual walk around among the living and act up.  Those spirits don’t really hurt us but they could cause us to hurt ourselves if we aren’t careful and be watchful so that we don’t do anything bad ourselves. 

The headless horseman is out during this time frame.  Life is very interesting when the fairies and the little people get out to play around during the longest night of the year.  Here state side we give candy to all the boys and girls coming to our door and most of the time we are finished giving candy by 9:30 or so. 

When I was a kid growing up we went all over the place with my family to get candy now days we give our children parties or let them go to the mall for those parties because of all the bad things that started happening in the 80’s.  You never know who you can trust and who you can’t so you take your children to the mall and the take the candy to places that have an X-ray machine to make sure nothing is in the candy at all.  (except what should be there)

Every time I think of my daughters taking their kids to trick or treat I just hope nothing bad happens to them.  Well boys and girls I’m closing for now so I can post this.  You all have a great October and an even better hallows eve no matter what side of the pond you live on. Image

Well you all it is time for me to hit the rack hope you have a great Monday and I know I’m going to try my level best to make it be a better day than normal but then again I’m not normal are you?  Hope not.


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