There She Stands

For those of you who are like me and have never heard the song “There She Stands” by Michael Smith artist, Miscellaneous Album, Christian Genre, And the songwriters are: Wesley I King, Michael W. Smith
The Photography was taken by Donald Reese Photography

“There She Stands”

When the night seems to say
All hope is lost, gone away
But I know, I’m not alone
By the light she stands

There she waves, faithful friend
Shimming stars, westward wind
Show the way, carry me
To the place she stands

Just when you think it might be over
Just when you think the fight is gone
Someone will risk his life to raise her
There she stands

There she flies, clear blue skies
Remind us with red of those that died
Washed us white by the brave
In their dreams, she stands

When evils calls itself a martyr
When all your hopes come crashing down
Someone will pull her from the rubble
There she stands

We’ve seen her flying torn and tattered
We’ve seen her stand the test of time
And through it all the fools have fallen
There she stands

By the dawn’s early light
And through the fight, she stands

Donald Reese Photography


Today marks the twelfth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country on september eleventh of 2001. For me, like countless others, this day is permanently etched into my mind and like most I remember the exact moment it unfolded. For me it was a crystal clear fall day out in the country photographing blue morning glories on a farm, when the radio began to crackle with hints of something unspeakable. I recall driving as fast as I could to get to a television and being glued to it for days. Take a moment today to think of and pray for those who were lost that day, and especially their families who were left to cope with such heartbreak.

Every anniversary of this event, I find myself watching the documentaries on television and each and every time I am instantly taken back to that moment and overcome with a sense…

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Another Year Older

Hello Fellow Bloggers Friends and Family:

On Tuesday October 22,  I will be another year older and I suppose with losing a lot of my friends and my husband and living through a year without them I am wondering if with everything I have lost am I making a difference.  Now don’t worry I’m not wondering because my life suddenly doesn’t make sense and that it isn’t worth living because it is.  I’m wondering because there are at times I wonder if when it is my time to go if people will miss me.  I know the people who I have met and more or less invited them into my life and they have become not only friends but my family they would miss me.  But I’m talking about like people who have called me their friend and I no longer see them or even hear from of course I think that would probably be on my shoulders too because when Carl got really sick I quit leaving the house and hardly ever called people on the phone so people forget you when you don’t make an effort to see each other.  So I suppose in that matter I’m just as guilty for not following up with people and seeing them or at the very least calling them to let them know that even when I don’t see them they still matter to might be better for some of them. 

I have made a lot of friends in my life but some of those friends have gone on their own way and we have lost touch and some of those friends whom have been there when I was in school I lost touch with for a while I’m now seeing and talking with them on Facebook again and with some of those we we’re as close as sisters and brothers and it is great being able to communicate even if it is online.  We are having a family reunion this weekend but I was not able to attend because of another issues which was a lot more serious than seeing my family cause it too dealt with family.  As one of those Sisters told me he was lucky to have me and I am also lucky to have him because he would do the same thing for me.  

I know that I haven’t always been a good friend because I let things pile up and get in the way so that I don’t call and just in or when I do check in I realize that I haven’t called in months instead of days.  Dang it is hell to get old and start wondering about all the stuff that is floating around inside your brain and also realize how many people are no long around whom it seemed like yesterday was just here. 

I guess the reason I am wondering is something my cousin said last night or I guess I should say this morning while we were talking he said do you realize that “my Mom, your Mom and all of the other siblings are all gone as of Father’s Day when my Uncle Chuck died he was the youngest let and he passed on that Sunday.”  I told him yes and with our generation I believe there are a bunch of gaps in ours too.   My daughter’s generation have a few missing already too. 

I guess all in all I have had a good life done a few I’m proud and a few more things I’m not so proud of but all in all my life is great I can’t change one thing but cause if I do I might now have the same friends the same experiences and most of all I know I wouldn’t be the same person.  So with saying all of that I want to thank those people who have been there to lend their shoulders and let me cry on them, let me call in the middle of the night and not been able to make any kind of sense but you still listened to a crazy person on the other end of the line.  LOL  I want to also tell my new friends and old ones alike I love each and everyone of you and also my family……I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world.   GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PAST YEAR WITHOUT YOU ALL I WOULD HAVE BEEN A BASKET CASE FOR THE ENTIRE TWELVE MONTHS.



Samhain or Hallows Eve

In Ireland Samhain or Hallows Eve is a holiday but it isn’t anything like Halloween here in the states.  I mean yes we give gifts or treats or even tricks but Halloween isn’t based on the longest night even though we know it is a long night.  It is a holiday that the spirits play around and can actual walk around among the living and act up.  Those spirits don’t really hurt us but they could cause us to hurt ourselves if we aren’t careful and be watchful so that we don’t do anything bad ourselves. 

The headless horseman is out during this time frame.  Life is very interesting when the fairies and the little people get out to play around during the longest night of the year.  Here state side we give candy to all the boys and girls coming to our door and most of the time we are finished giving candy by 9:30 or so. 

When I was a kid growing up we went all over the place with my family to get candy now days we give our children parties or let them go to the mall for those parties because of all the bad things that started happening in the 80’s.  You never know who you can trust and who you can’t so you take your children to the mall and the take the candy to places that have an X-ray machine to make sure nothing is in the candy at all.  (except what should be there)

Every time I think of my daughters taking their kids to trick or treat I just hope nothing bad happens to them.  Well boys and girls I’m closing for now so I can post this.  You all have a great October and an even better hallows eve no matter what side of the pond you live on. Image

Well you all it is time for me to hit the rack hope you have a great Monday and I know I’m going to try my level best to make it be a better day than normal but then again I’m not normal are you?  Hope not.