National Breast Cancer Awareness Mouth

Hello fellow bloggers,

It’s that time again when the weather changes, the race for the pennant in baseball, Halloween for children and even adults but those are not the most important things in October it would be that it is National Breast Cancer awareness month.  That to me is very important because I lost my Great grandma to breast cancer because the type she had was rare and the doctors did not know it was cancer and by the time they had found out she was gone.  My Mom had breast cancer, my sister and my aunt so as you see it has run really hot in my family so far.  A couple of years back I had a bad scare with a lump in my breast but after all the test was done it was not cancer at least not yet anyway. 

The reason I write every October is because not only women get breast cancer men can too.  There is no shame in checking yourself once a month while you shower and if it runs in your family every time you shower would help stay a head of it.  Don’t be afraid if you find something tell your doctor and they will get you to the right place.  So let’s remember feel those boobies and check for lumps.  

You all have a wonderful October and I really hope that Boston wins the pennant.  My daughter Misty said her too!!! I did not know she was a Boston fan it is amazing what you learn when you listen close enough.  LOL  The only other thing I would like is that we could have world peace on my birthday which is also in October but I know that isn’t going to happen this year either.  Have a great day my friends and enjoy October.

Love Red Sox Lady 35



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