National Breast Cancer Awareness Mouth

Hello fellow bloggers,

It’s that time again when the weather changes, the race for the pennant in baseball, Halloween for children and even adults but those are not the most important things in October it would be that it is National Breast Cancer awareness month.  That to me is very important because I lost my Great grandma to breast cancer because the type she had was rare and the doctors did not know it was cancer and by the time they had found out she was gone.  My Mom had breast cancer, my sister and my aunt so as you see it has run really hot in my family so far.  A couple of years back I had a bad scare with a lump in my breast but after all the test was done it was not cancer at least not yet anyway. 

The reason I write every October is because not only women get breast cancer men can too.  There is no shame in checking yourself once a month while you shower and if it runs in your family every time you shower would help stay a head of it.  Don’t be afraid if you find something tell your doctor and they will get you to the right place.  So let’s remember feel those boobies and check for lumps.  

You all have a wonderful October and I really hope that Boston wins the pennant.  My daughter Misty said her too!!! I did not know she was a Boston fan it is amazing what you learn when you listen close enough.  LOL  The only other thing I would like is that we could have world peace on my birthday which is also in October but I know that isn’t going to happen this year either.  Have a great day my friends and enjoy October.

Love Red Sox Lady 35



i remember

I remember that I too was at work and got a call from family telling me that my cousin and my uncle were gone in the towers one from the tower 1 and the other one from tower 2 I lost friends who worked for Merrill-Lynch also. I will never forget what happened in New York and Keep remembering the people who were jumping to their deaths. Sad it changed my life too.

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that it was a quiet tuesday morning and i was on my way to work…it was my day off but they called me in because too many people had called-in sick and we needed more people on the 9-1-1 phones…the people on the radio were being serious about something and not playing like their usual selves…they were talking about a plane being flown into a building in new york…i called home and told my wife to turn-on the tv…people were crying on the phones saying they had predicted it years ago…other people called to tell us of dark-skinned people driving slowly through their neighborhood like they were looking for someone…and suddenly there were police officers stationed outside of our building for every minute and hour of the day…people became proud of their own national origin and were suspect of others…they cried to their almighty for protection and blessings…that almighty that…

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Hello Fellow Bloggers, Friends, and Family:

     We are heading into the last of the race for who is going to play who in the baseball series.  We have some close teams and then we have others in the division that are a long ways away from even getting into the race at all.  By the time we hit October we we be having the race to the pennant and we start getting chilly weather and we start dragging out our autumn sweaters, sweats and other cold weather clothes.  Why you ask to we do this because we love our sports and we have to stay warm so we don’t freeze our fannies off at the baseball and football games.  LOL 

     I love autumn but I really hate the cold….I am more into the changing of the colors in the trees all thoses red, oranges, yellow, and then finally brown when the leaves hit the ground.  But most of what I like about autumn is life I know to you that is a little crazy but hear me out…life is all around us…have you ever wondered how the bear knows when it is time to go to his cave and then not come out until it gets warm?  I don’t know either but it is wonderful for them cause they do know?  What about all those domestic amimals like squirrels, wolves, and what not you get the ideal you don’t really see them during the winter either. 

     Well my friends I am at an end pass because I don’t know what else to say except that I’m really excited to have all of you here to read my blogs and of course I love reading yours right back.  For those of you who do read them thank you so much and for the rest of you read one to see what if you like them….LOL  Well guys and gals thanks and have a wonderful week.  David give my love to Oliver and Chester and I hope you and yours have a wonderful week.

Missing You Mom

     Hello fellow bloggers and family:

     Tomorrow is the 13 anniversary of my Mom’s death and no matter how many years it is it seems like yesterday.  I know that by now some people tell me it shouldn’t hurt anymore but I’m not sure if there is a time limit to how long a person can grief or even miss a person.  I know in my way of thinking there isn’t a time that I haven’t wanted to pick up the phone to call her and say hey Mom did you know or guess what?  I’m sure there are others who have lost a love one and have the same feelings and thoughts as I do.  My ex has told me that it does get easier and when it does he will tell me the day that it does for him…he still has his Mom but has lost his Dad and his Dad has been gone longer than my Mom by four years. 

     I have been to therapy when my husband passed away this past year but the rules still apply for Mom when the grief stops it will get better but I’m not sure the grief ever stops I think it just gets easier to cope with.  I know there are a lot of you out there in cyberspace who has lost someone close to you it doesn’t have to be a person it could be a much loved pet, or maybe even a teacher (yes I know that is a person) lol but I’m looking a little feedback here.  I was told even in group that we all take different amounts of time to get better with our losses but that 13 years is truly a long time.  I don’t think about her in a way that she isn’t here anymore I just think about telling her things that if she were still here I could tell her.  Does that make sense to anybody out there in cyberspace? 

     Now that I’ve let everyone of you think I’m crazy or something even worse I will closing this on a good note.  My Mom died at the ripe young age of 67 years young and if she were here with us now she would be almost 81years old and still going strong.  But  Mom in all seriousness the family misses you all the time and your granddaughter Misty and I really miss you too.  Hope your up there in heaven having a great time of playing cards with Grandma Ruby, Nana Dot, Aunt Betty and of course DJ cause I know she would want to get in the act also.

     Mom we love you so much I’m so happy that your not in pain any more and that you have something to smile about.  Image

     Don’t think I’m crazy but sometimes I feel her when I have had a crappy day and things just haven’t gone has planned when I go to sleep I feel her there with me even though that isn’t possible.  I wake up and realize that it couldn’t of happened because she is gone and she won’t ever be back.  But sometimes your mind can play tricks on you and you really think things are real when they’re not.