We become our Parents Parents!!!

     Have you ever noticed that when we are born that our parents most of the time take care of us until we move away from home to go to college or join the military or even just get our own space when or even get married.  Then when they get older and have trouble taking care of themselves they move in with us and we take care of them until such time as they no longer need the care or they are no longer here on earth.  I know this because in 2000 I moved in with my Mom because she was having a few issues about taking her medicine and getting on time.  So I keep my full time job and my brother and I took turns when I was at work during the day he took care of her and when I got off I would pick of the slack and watch over Mom.  Do all the cleaning, cooking, laundry and anything else that had to be done.  In July when we were told that her cancer was back she was already have some major problems and then by September she was gone.  But she needed lots of help and I was glad to be available to help her and be with her until she no longer needed me.  

     She is still missed by all of us but we all shared responsibilities for her welfare and tried to keep her on tract the best we could to make her comfortable and keep her happy the way that we could.  I hope you all understand it doesn’t happen in all families but in ours it worked.  You have a good weekend and have an extra nice week to come.  

Red Sox Lady 35



Another Update On Henry

Henry and I have been in San Antonio now for about four weeks and on Tuesday of last week Henry went into the hospital for two days of Chemo and then after the Chemo they returned his stem cells that he gave up on Monday and Tuesday.  After the stem cells got returned Henry was told that he would lose his white blood cells which helps fight cold or infection.  At this moment in time he has no way to fight a cold or anything else that could hurt him but they have prepared for that.  He will probably be in the hospital for another two weeks and then come back to the hotel for about the same amount of time.  Then we can go home where he will still have to be careful and he wouldn’t be cured from the cancer but he would have more time to do what ever he had to.  I want to thank each and every one of you who have prayed for Henry and also kept him in your thoughts.  God bless you and Henry also.  Once we get back home I will kept everyone updated about how Henry is feeling and what all they have continued to do for him.  Thank you again for being here for Henry and me but especially Henry.  

God Bless y’all very much

Red Sox Lady 35


We are coming up on our nations biggest

We are coming up on our nations biggest holiday which is the 4th of July but do you know what it means besides celebrating, having picnics with our families and friends, and seeing fireworks. It means to me that I am free and the reason I’m free is because of soldiers who have sacrificed everything for that the rest of us to be free.  This means that they came their lives, missed Sunday dinner and a lot more, missed the birth of their son or daughter, and even missed the first steps, first words and etc but your getting the point I’m trying to make.  I wished that we lived in an ideal world where there is no more war and not one more soldier has to die for you and me but at the present time that isn’t happening.  So if you have son or daughter in the military be proud of them not just because they are in the military and they are on the way to protecting us but because they are agreeing to sacrifice everything so that we can be free to do all the thing we take for granted. 


I don’t want to only thank the soldiers who give up some free themselves for service to their country but I want to tell the familes and friends of that soldier that I am proud to be your friend and an American because without you agreeing to what that soldier wanted to do then we might be free in the scents that we are now.  So thank you for your service and thank you so much for coming back to us safe and sound.  Millions of military personnal have lost their lives keeping America and you and I safe that is the reason we can party on the 4th of July and have other holidays that we can celebrate.  I just wanted to say Thank you to both the Soldier and his family for all the sacrifices that you have made to help make us all FREE.


That is what is all about anyway to keep America strong and never give up the fight to keep us free so that we can continue to do the things that so many of us take for granted.