Update on Henry in San Antonio

Hello bloggers and family:

Wanted to give you an update on what all is happening here in San Antonio for HP it is all good so far he is being poked and proded to make sure he is going to be strong enough to handle the stress that will be placed on his body when he has his stem cells transparent.  So far he seems to be holding his own.  He had his last test today with pulmonary and that of course deals with his breathing.  We are done until Monday morning now so we can relax and watch a little TV and a few movies.  We want to get out and see a few places but right now for the time being that isn’t going to happen but it will. 

The nurses, doctors, social worker and other staff members have made us feel very welcome and this is one of the few places I can truly say that they are nice and not trying to hard to make us feel important because they do treat HP as if he is important and so are his questions and issues.  They want him to come to them if he feels there is something he needs that hasn’t been done or he feels is being done too much.  That is a great staff that looks after the patients needs and understands those needs as well. 

The Audie Leon Murphy VA Hospital is a great place to be if you need a bone marrow transplant using your on stem cells not only because HP is here and they are taking great care of him but because I feel (my opinion) that if your not understanding what is going on then they will explain it until you do.  No matter how many times it takes and they will do it with a SMILE on their face.  Because you are the one who needs to understand the things that are going on. 

Well believe or not I have run out of things to say except please keep my cousin HP in your thoughts and prayers because this process is going to take at least 42 days and if more time needed then it will be approximately another 3 weeks.  So pray please it only takes 42 days and that we don’t need the added time. 

Well fellow bloggers and family I’m signing off for now and promise to keep you all posted on the events has they unfold. 

Hugs Red Sox Lady 35





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