Hello Bloggers and Friends alike:As I ready myself

Hello Bloggers and Friends alike:

As I ready myself for my trip down south on Monday with my cousin HP for his treatment of rare bone cancer.  I will be gone from here for about 2 months and 2 weeks HP and I will try to relax a little and see the sites but I know it will be hard on him too.  I’m asking you as the readers of my blogs and people who I feel like are family as well as friends to keep HP in your prayers the doctors down at the VA Hospital are not hopeful but say anything can happen I’m hoping 2 of us go down and 2 of us come back home.  But to tell you the truth I’m just a little scared.  I will carry each one of you in my heart because you have all touched a piece of it.  I know that I will be taking my camera down south with me cause there are so many places to shoot pictures at: building, the river walk, the Alamo, of course that is one of the things San Antonio is famous for.  It is also where they did the filming of Baywatch the TV series with Pamela Anderson.  I know that there is other known places also but I want to surprise you with what I post while I’m there. 

Keep us in your prayers and I will keep y’all in my thoughts.  David I don’t whether you read my blogs or not but I really do love Chester and Oliver and it is so cool that you have finally given Oliver top billing with you. I want all of you to feel like you are in San Antonio when you look at my pictures we will see won’t we?  Well my Friends that is all for now I want all of you to love your family and not take them for granted.  Love always Red Soxs Lady 35





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