The Subject of Your First Post

The Subject of Your First Post.


Great, there must be something about writing your first blog and it is about food.  I believe the first blog I ever wrote anywhere was my life on the dairy farm that my great grandparents and grandparents owned together when I was a kid.  I talked about how it felt to learn how to milk my first cow because when I was first learning we didn’t have a machine which would do most of the work for you….we put the cow in place and we milked it and released it back out of the way and continue to the next one.  The first blog I have done here for WordPress was about how the Red Soxs was winning against the tigers 2 out of 3 so far.  I love all your photographs you have a great eye to grasp the details so wonderful and so clear.  I want to tell you thanks for sharing and please keep up the great work.

Red Soxs lady 35,



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