Spring Fever and/or Cabin Fever

Hello my fellow bloggers I’m stopping by to say hi and see how things are going in your neck of the woods.  In my woods the weather has gone from the high 80’s to the low 20’s and 2 cold fronts have come through bringing 2 days of rain but I can’t complain because we need the rain but the cold fronts now that was another story all together. 

One of my daughters Misty and I are moving back to Florida (the Panhandle) so I can be close to the beach and 2 or 3 lakes and bays.  That will be plenty of water for me.  Water makes me very happy it gives me more or less a new lease on life.  I know you have heard that saying when Mama is happy we all are happy but when Mama is not happy then we all are in trouble. LOL My children like to tease me about that very thing.   I think the move will be the best thing for me I’m coming up on the first anniversary of my husband’s death it will be 30May2013 and that day will be bad cause it is the first.  This is my last first thank goodness.  But neither my daughter or I want to be here in May. 

Spring is suppose to be a happy time and I guess for the most part it has been good and I know that I won’t miss something here in the state of my birth such as tornadoes, lakes being down, it being to hot or to cold. Also I think I will miss the saying if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will be different.

So far so good everyone is happy about our move including us. LOL  I get to watch more baseball games in Florida because here in Texas they show the rangers, mariners, and the giants now of course I’m sure the show other teams but I have missed.  I think I am just ready to go somewhere else and so Florida here I come.  LOL

I hope you guys my fellow blogger enjoy your spring and try not to get spring fever to much and if you do then take a break and maybe go on a picnic with the one you love.  That is all for now till I see you again have a beautiful day and be kind to one another.



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