Thanksgiving Revisited

I always loved going to my great-grandparents and grandparents home for the holidays.  We would go the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and change our clothes and get our chores done.  Go into the house to help finish the meal and set the tables so we could all get ready to eat.  After the meal was done we would finish up any last minute cooking such as pies, cookies and sweet potatoes, and all the salads that Grandma would fix for the big thanksgiving meal.  We would hit the bed early cause we still had to get up early the next morning to milk cows, gather the eggs, feed the pigs, and other chores that needed to be done. 


    I remember after all the chores were done and we were sitting around the kitchen listening to stories, and chopping the vegetables and whatever else needed to get done.  With my Grandma in the kitchen there was no telling what she would be yelling for you to be doing at a moments notice.  I loved sitting in the kitchen behind the island that she worked her magic on and listening to a bunch of women in the kitchen talk about nothing really but still learn something.  When it came time to set the big tables she would tap my feet and so okay kiddo go set the table but wash your hands first. 


   After everyone got sat down we would start at the head of the table where my great grandpa sat and we would all say what we were thankful for that year.  My grandpa Raymond every year was thankful for the same thing…it was that his parents were still healthy and his beautiful wife Ruby was still able to cook the wonderful food we were having and he had all of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren under the same roof.  But best of all he had his healthy and he was a very lucky man indeed. 


    This year I’m adding some reason to be thankful too.  Even though I don’t have Carl this holiday season…he isn’t suffering and he is in a better place so I know that he is happier there then being in pain here with me.  I have my health such as it is, I have my children, grand children and my brothers and most of all I have you my cyberbuddies who have helped me out of a lot of messes and I appreciate it very much but best of all I do have all of you and you have never let me feel alone so thank you so very much from my heart to yours.  I love you all.

Love Kat

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