Well boys and girls it’s that time again when the October is here and the leaves start changing colors but it isn’t quite cold yet because of Indian Summer.  This is my favorite time of year…this year it will be a little sadder because Carl isn’t here to share it with me but it will still be okay because I know that he is in a better place.  The month of October is special for me for several reason besides the one already stated.  It is Breast Cancer month and one day I hope to be writing that they have finally found a cure for all kinds of cancer.  That would be wonderful. It is my birthday.  And last it is all about baseball my favorite sport other than tennis…it is the race to see who will play the World Series and have bragging rights for the rest of the year into Spring training.


I know that all of these things combined doesn’t really mean a lot to most people but I would like to think that finding a cure for all cancer would be a important goal.  Baseball isn’t important either to a lot of people however in the south and a few other places we take baseball serious.  I think for the first time in a long time (I’m talking about when the baseball strike happened) Texas Rangers is first in there division…Red Soxs have fallen down to third or fourth but they aren’t that many games out so they still have a chance.  Well will just have to see who is going to be left standing the best two that will play in the World Series….best 5 out of 7…..Good Luck to all and may the best teams win the chance to go all the way.


My birthday isn’t all that important this year because Carl isn’t here and it will probably be another day I have to get through….but I will because there is nothing else to do but survive it…Carl would have wanted me to and I will just because I’m not a quitter. 


I hope you have enjoyed my blog it is my first one I have been able to write..I did write about 30 pages in my journal which has helped a lot about the last year of Carl’s life and what we went through….mainly him and I think that help me to cope with all of the emotions I have been going through the last four months I know I still have a long ways to go but at least I’m beginning to think I just might survive too.  I love you all thank you so very much for hanging in with me. 

Your friend,


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